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Life, Health and Wealth Resources for Everyone

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Get More From Medicare in 2020‎. Get The Coverage That Is Right For Your Health & Budget

The Biggest List of of Senior Discounts. Senior citizen discounts are one of the few truly great perks that come with growing older.

Section 8 Housing Voucher Program Eligibility. Get immediate housing assistance

We at American Benefits Portal (ABP) decided that something had to be done to help the growing senior population (10,000 Americans turn 65 per day!) as we strongly believe that Seniors deserve to reap the fruits of their labor for this country. So what is in it for you?

If you’re a senior, you’ve paid your dues. You worked for decades, you contributed to society, and now it’s time to collect some hard earned benefits for your contributions.. And believe us when we say there are PLENTY of amazing discounts and benefits now available for Seniors - you just have to know where to look. That is what American Benefits Portal's main goal - to help you find the resources needed to maximize the benefits owed to you.

Enjoy the benefits of being a Senior

Auto Insurance

Switch & Save $699 on average per year. Get your free quote today!

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Federal/State Assistance

Apply Online ‎to get SNAP/EBT Food Stamps Today!

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Life Insurance

Protect you and your family from financial hardship. Get a free quote today!

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Debt Assistance

Need Help With Debt ? If you owe Over $3,000 in debt we can help‎!

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