About Us

We care about America and we especially care about Americans. That is why in 2013 we decided something had to be done to help the ever diverse, dynamic and incredible population that call the America home.

A recent study indicated that 47% of Americans don't know how or where to find the benefits and discounts that are available to them - that is unacceptable. Here are American Benefits Portal (ABP) we scour the internet and local resources to provide you with information, discounts, deals and exclusive access to housing assistance, medicare quotes, debt relief, coupons, auto insurance and much much more.

Everyday our expansive team of experts helps with such topics as...

  • What is my best option for Medicare?
  • How can I get the best Life Insurance policy?
  • Do I qualify for Federal or State assistance?
  • Are there local programs available to offset my prescription drug costs?
  • Where are the safe places to rollover an IRA or 401k?

There are hundreds of companies and government agencies in the US today offering all different types of products. We find the one that fits you best so you can spend more of your time and money on what matters.

All of our agents are licensed and appointed by their individual state, certified, and trained to assist individuals in obtaining the right programs, and right coverage, at the right price for your specific needs. Helping seniors and their families with Life, Health and Wealth protection.