New Medicare Program Benefits and Eligibility

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How Medicare Cares

Most people are familiar with the different kinds of insurance. When it comes to health, they should seek out related health insurance programs like Medicare. Medicare covers people 65 years and above, those with disabilities, and patients with end-stage renal disease. This insurance can be divided into various categories depending on the services that they cover. For instance, Medicare Part A is the policy for inpatient hospital stays, nursing facility care, hospice accommodation, and specific home health care. Meanwhile, Medicare Part B covers doctors’ fees, outpatient care, medical supplies and preventive care. Medical Part D includes coverage of original Medicare, specific cost plans, private-fee-for-service plans, and medical savings account plans falling under Medicare. Medicare is run by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services and funder partially by Social Security. A portion of Medicare is also paid for by people’s taxes, that is, through premiums, by the federal funds.

People availing Medicare should be aware of the coverage choices that they can choose from. They should focus on the one that can offer them with maximum benefit and how a certain policy can affect their own financial responsibilities. Those who avail Original Medicare have the privilege of consulting most doctors and hospitals. On the other hand, policyholders may face restrictions when availing Medicare Advantage Plans, although on the bright side, they may incur additional benefits not offered by Original Medicare.

Another important thing is that Medicare is not the same as Medicaid, which is another government program offering health insurance. Medicaid relies on the federal governments and state partnership for funds, and its availability is largely determined by the income of people. Meanwhile, Medicare is independent of a person’s income. In fact, individuals with certain credentials can avail of both Medicare and Medicaid.

Medicare policy holders are entitled to having a red, white or blue Original Medicare card. An additional card is given to those with Medicare Advantage Plan.

Lastly, Medicare policy holders should only give their Medicare number to legitimate doctors and health care providers.

Finding What Works For You

One of the most devastating things that one can experience is needing medical assistance and not being able to get it.

This is where Medicare comes in. There are changes afoot, and one must be aware so as not to get confused or misunderstand the benefits it can provide and how it affects everyone in the country.

Did you know that you can switch or change plans between the Original Medicare and the Medicare Advantage? But you can only do this in specific times of the year. So if you are planning to switch, there is an open enrollment period which happens every year from October 15 until December 7. If you get to process your switch here, your new coverage will begin on January first, next year. During this period of open enrollment, you can either change your health care coverage or, add, remove, or change your Medicare drug coverage. You can make all the changes you need during this time, but just to avoid any problems or other issues that may arise with your enrollment, make as few changes as possible.

Another thing to consider when it comes to Medicare is if you take medicine. Whether you take them daily, or just from time to time, you must find the Medicare Part D prescription drug coverage that will fit your needs and your budget. And if you need to, you can combine this with other insurance plans created specifically for Medicare Part D. Know the rules when you avail of the Medicare Plan D, which also include vaccines, and drugs you can avail of in hospital outpatient settings, and how much you can get.

And like with any coverage plan you can avail, make sure it is within your budget, so that you can make the most out of it.